Daria was born in the beautiful city Lviv, studied at the art school named after Alexei Novakivsky, in an animation class. Graduated from Lviv State College of Decorative and Applied Arts named after Ivan Trush, Department of Iterian Design and Small Architectural Forms. After graduation she worked as a designer of interior, printing designer, illustrator of computer games and children’s books, designer of stage costumes, dancer, teacher of Belly-Dance. Since February, since 2014 she performs with sand show.

Daria writes about herself: For me, creativity is something that gives my life a thrill and makes it unbelievably interesting! It is curiously to me to approach creatively to different spheres of life and situations in which I find myself. I feel like a child and I try to share a love with people  through my creativity. I love to travel, to learn a new one, I admire the material culture of different nations, I love nature very much! Nature inspires me and gives me a strength!

Achievements and Awards:
1999: 1nd Place winner at the Dance Contest of the Lviv Fine Arts college.

2006: 2nd Place winner Art Contest «City Lviv has 750». nomination “Painting”.

2006: 2nd Place winner Lviv Climbing (bouldering) Open Championship.

2008: Participation in the Art Exhibition «QuickPics» (Saint Petersburg)

2009: 1nd Place winner Chernigiv Climbing Open Championship.

2010: 2nd Place winner Carpathians Bouldering Championships (in Igor’s Sharabura’s memory).

2011: 3nd Place winner International Dance Festival «Caravan -2011» in the debut “Classic bellydance”.

2011: 1nd Place winner of the International Bellydance Festival «East-west», category debut “improvisation”.

2012: Partaking art exhibition “Reflection” (Kiev, Pechersk gallery).

2012: 3nd Place winner of the Ukrainian Oriental Dance Competition «Roksolyana» category “Improvisation”.

2012: Participation in the Paintings and Graphics Exhibition “Fulcrum” (Ivano-Frankivsk, National History Museum).

2013: Solo paintings exhibition “Fairy tale for every body” in the citys: Simferopol, Bershad, Ternopil, Lviv.

2014: 2nd Place winner of the International Sand Animation Contest “Дотик” (sand graphics and sand art video).

2015: 1nd Place winner of the International Sand Animation Contest “Дотик” (live sand show).

2017: 1nd Place winner of the International Sand Animation Contest “Дотик” (live sand show).



Daria Tym works in various painting techniques. Her favorite topics are fairy-tale characters and children. There are several series of  paintings on these themes.